Eco-conscious Packaging

We are proud to offer a more sustainable alternative to packaging.

1、Are Bagasse Products Budget-Friendly?
Bagasse products are available in the market at competitive rates as compared to Paper Products or Areca Products.
Bagasse products are manufactured in bulk and are easier to transport due to which Bagasse products are slightly cheaper than other alternatives.

2、Are Bagasse Products easier to Transport?
Bagasse products are very easy to transport since its light and are very space-efficient when packed together and shipped.
The bagasse feels & weigh almost like paper but is strong enough to be used as disposable.
The packed boxes of Bagasse Products are very light and compact.

3、Bagasse Packaging Vs Plastic Packaging
Bagasse products are Biodegradable & Compostable as compared to the Plastic.
The Bagasse takes few months to degrade while the plastic disposables are forever.

4、Bagasse Food Packaging Vs. Areca Food Packaging
Bagasse is made from the sugarcane waste & the Areca comes from the Palm Tree Leaves Both Bagasse & Areca Products are Biodegradable & Compostable.
The Bagasse is easier to transport while the Areca isn't.
The Areca Products are stronger than the Bagasse in general.
The Bagasse Products are manufactured in Bulk while the manufacturing process of the Areca Products isn't fully automated.

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